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Eat And Lose Weight, Like A Caveman

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Yes, you can eat, and lose weight. It’s a very natural, healthy, and easy weight loss program. The method also requires very little willpower, which is one of the biggest problems in dieting. The eat and lose weight method can also become a new way of life. Ensuring you’ll never have a weight problem again.
What does the eat and lose weight method entail? It is eating like the cavemen did. The cavemen ate what they could kill, and gather. I’m not advocating we all go out and start hunting for our dinner. What I am saying is this, we can learn some valuable lessons about nutrition, from the cavemen.
Let’s look for a moment at what the caveman ate and see what we can learn. Cavemen ate what they could kill and gather. Chances are if what’s on your dinner plate is not something you could kill or gather, you would be better off not eating it.
 CavemanFor example, a plate of lean meat and vegetables, followed by fresh fruit would be something a caveman would have eaten. But today, we mess up that perfect meal by doing things like adding pasta or bread. Instead of a fresh apple, we have apple pie. These are not foods the caveman had and, we would be much healthier without them.
What about liquid in the diet? Cavemen only drank what they could find, and that’s a valuable example for us to follow as well. If ever there was a magic elixir that leads to weight loss and increased health, it’s water, just plain water.
Today, for the vast majority, soft drinks, artificially flavored fruit drinks, coffee, and alcohol are the liquids consumed. Because of that, a lot of people suffer from severe dehydration and the side effects associated with dehydration namely, hunger pangs, headaches, constipation, and many digestive system problems. Most of these could be eliminated by simply drinking more water, and eliminating soft drinks, flavored fruit drinks, coffee, and alcohol.
How much water should we drink? Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 200 lbs, drink 100 ounces of water.
This next item has nothing to do with eating, but it has everything to do with losing weight, having a healthy body, and living a quality lifestyle. Cavemen lived very active lives, they were always moving about, climbing, lifting, and carrying, and we should likewise integrate a lot of movement into our lives as well.
I’m not talking about having a membership at the gym or pumping iron every day, or running 10 miles a week. But, the human body was specifically designed to move, not to sit, like so many people do today. This sedentary lifestyle of today is detrimental to a vibrant, healthy body.
So, instead of taking the elevator to your office, take the stairs. When going from, and coming to your car, walk briskly around the parking a couple of times. Get up from your desk every hour and move around. Do whatever you can to prevent simply sitting at your desk for the entire day.
Model your daily activities and food choices after the caveman, in other words, ask yourself this question: Is this food or drink something I could have found in the wild, thousands of years ago? If your answer is yes, you will eat and lose weight. Also, drink the proper amount of water every day and your weight will never be a problem again.
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