How Many Calories in a Grilled Cheese?

How Many Calories in a Grilled Cheese?

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How Many Calories in a Grilled Cheese? In fact, we worry about gaining weight so we will concern a lot on the calories we eat every day. As explained by Kristin Reimers, Ph.D. on Live Strong site, the most important of weight loss is focusing on the calories, and we do believe this theory.That’s why we begin to count every day and every time as we want to eat something. It is stressful, isn’t it?

Otherwise, Jane E.Brody a health writer in New Your Times said what we eat really matters. It is confusing when we think about how many calories in a grilled cheese? while asking whether it is this good for the body or not. Yeah, pretty confusing! But the answer is probably both.

How Many Calories in a Grilled Cheese?

How Many Calories in a Grilled Cheese?

A classic American grilled cheese sandwich contains two slices of white bread with butter give you 311 calories in total. But if you make some modifications, you might up the calories level or decrease it. Let’s break it down to know how many calories in a grilled cheese sandwich:

The total amount of grilled sandwich is 311 calories with 77 calories for the cheese (each slice) and 102 calories for one tablespoon butter. Meanwhile, the two slices of white bread contain 132 calories.

Well, let’s forget about how many calories in a grilled cheese. Now the main problem here is not about counting. Each person has a different metabolism which this will concern more about how you burn the calories every day.It is also a matter of age, physical activity, body consumption and sex as well. So, when you eat less calorie every day, but you have a lot of activities like you are working that requires you to walk, probably you will face a problem. You might face malnutrition instead. Conversely, you eat the same calorie level but then you sleep and do nothing, this might be meaningless.

So Is Calorie Level and the Type of Food Related?

Probably the answer is yes! Scientifically, we can’t deny that the fattier, fried and also processed and sugar-added foods will contribute more calories which leads you to add more weight unless you do exercising.

Luckily, there are a number of alternatives you can try to make your food healthier and fewer calories. Follow the tips below:

Bread Options

If you opt for whole grain or whole wheat bread, you will add 15 calories even though it is in the same size. However, when you eat Italian bread, the size is typically larger, so you will eat more calories than you think.

Cheese Choices

2% milk fat American cheese can be better for you as you can reduce 39 calories for each slice. It mostly contains 75% fat. If you choose fat-free cheese, it offers you lesser fat (around 6 grams) for each slice and lowers your calorie level-up to 48 grams.

Regardless of being stressful thinking about how many calories in a grilled cheese? diet is a diet. Avoid junk food, sleep well and eat healthily is much better. Besides, having fun with your workout schedule is required to get in shape.